Success Stories



“Our experience working with Re-use Hawai‘i was very favorable. You had a very professional crew take our house apart beam by beam in some very hot working conditions. The job went no longer than you had promised, and your crew left us with a very clean site to start building our new home from. An incredible amount of quality wood, appliances, hardware, hardware, windows, doors, and other home materials were spared from going to the landfill and contributing to an already big problem we have with where to put our trash in Hawai‘i.”

Steve W. Colón
President, Hunt Development Group - Hawai‘i Region

“I would like to express my and Architects Hawai‘i's appreciation for what Re-use Hawai‘i is doing in our community. We have an immense and, so far, unfulfilled need for salvaged and reused building materials. Some important components [of sustainable thinking] are to reduce the demand for newly harvested resources, to reduce the use of non-renewable energy for manufacturing and transportation, and to eliminate non-biodegradable waste in our landfills and environment generally. Material reuse elegantly addresses all these factors.”

David Bylund
Senior Associate Architects Hawai‘i

James Keller

Armstrong Builders

“Thank you for Re-use Hawai‘i's recent assistance with the deconstruction phase on six of our past projects. The entire process was a positive one. Your team is to be commended for its professionalism, commitment to safety and its concern for the neighboring community.

We opted for deconstruction because we firmly know that it is the right thing to do for the environment and it aligns well with our overall business development strategy that embraces sustainable building. It is clear to us that green building is where our industry is heading, and Re-use Hawai‘i fits nicely into the equation as we continue to pursue LEED projects. What's more, it feels good knowing that through Re-use Hawai‘i we are preserving some of Hawai‘i's past architecture.”

Dana Anderson

Nuuanu Valley

“Re-use Hawai‘i, from inception to final, pristine site answered my deepest concern as I faced the complete removal of my old family home. I couldn't bear the idea of a great claw smashing up a place of refuge for three generations, or the heaps of waste carried off to a dump to feed the waste stream. Enter Re-use Hawai‘i with its team of meticulous, polite workers who quietly and carefully deconstructed my house, board-by-board and nail-by-nail, preserving 70% of the best old growth timber and other materials. From Palolo Valley to the North Shore of Oahu, homes are taking shape with pieces of my walls and rafters, like a bone marrow transplant, bringing life beyond my heritage. In addition, I'll enjoy a substantial deduction for contributing to this non-profit organization. I am grateful beyond measure for the green conscience of Re-use Hawai‘i.”

Bryant Park


"We have used Re-use Hawaii twice. The first time was great, but the second time was even better! Their pricing was competitive, Adam the salesman/project manager was knowledgeable and responsible, and they even executed ahead of schedule. The whole process was completely painless. Plus, we got a huge tax write-off. We will definitely use Re-use Hawaii again. Thank you!"



“Watching the existing home being deconstructed and working with Re-use Hawai‘i has been a wonderful experience. Adam and Quinn were always helpful and available. Kudos to Mike and his crew. They did a great job and were very easy to work with.”

Gayle, Kailua

“The reuse of building materials is a service that has been needed for decades, but it is even more important now than ever before. Each major Hawai‘ian Island has landfill problems because the landfills are full. Where do we start another one? Every neighborhood is stridently against a landfill in their vicinity. Re-use Hawai‘i is not only needed, but is vital to a sustainable Hawai‘i future. We want to maintain the beauty, purity, and culture of our island home. Reusing construction material is an important piece of that pie.”

Dean Masai, Energy Analyst
Department of Business, Economic Development, & Tourism

“During the deconstruction, I was amazed at the organization, skill, efficiency and general cleanliness of the operation. I'm pleased with the amount and quality of materials we were able to salvage from the old home, and we look forward to the chance to use these materials in our new home.”

Mark Ariyoshi
Kaimuki Honolulu

“We employed Re-use Hawai‘i in the deconstruction process [of a military warehouse] including the salvage of all wood and re-useable corrugated roofing and the process worked rather smoothly due to the diligent effort of Re-use Hawai‘i. The process was published in the local television and newspaper and was praised as a step in the right direction towards keeping material out of the landfill.”

Richard Bauske
President, Bauske Environmental, Inc