Our Founders

In 2005

the idea was born

ST & QB In 2005, Re-use Hawai‘i Co-founder Selina Tarantino set out to find a solution to the waste problem that she witnessed while working as an interior designer in Honolulu. Her quest landed her at an EPA sponsored conference in Atlanta where she met Quinn Vittum. Selina and Quinn founded Re-use Hawai‘i in October, 2006 with great enthusiasm from the business community, the building industry, and the island community as a whole.

Selina Tarantino

Selina was instrumental in the development of the organization. She spearheaded recruiting, fundraising, communications, and design, helping to make Re-use Hawai‘i the thriving organization that it is today. Selina's vision and leadership was the driving force behind the creation and development of the retail warehouse. She has unmatched design sensibility and a passion for doing good in the world.

Quinn Vittum

Quinn's passion for sustainability helped him innovate a reuse organization model that is meant to maximize waste reduction and community resources. Quinn's technical knowledge and expertise in the deconstruction industry has helped Re-use Hawai‘i grow and prosper. Quinn works to break down the demolition paradigm by creating alternatives that are economical and impactful.