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Quinn Vittum, Co-founder & Executive Director

A New Hampshire native, Quinn has been in the building material reuse industry since 2001. He began salvaging materials from demolition sites in Seattle, before founding Sound Builders Resource in 2002, and Olympia Salvage in 2004. Re-use Hawai‘i is his third non-profit reuse start-up, and most likely his last due to Honolulu's perfect weather and the prolific deconstruction opportunity on island.


Daniel Murren, Chief Financial Officer

Daniel has more than 15 years of experience in non-profit and private industry accounting. His fluid intelligence and extreme adaptability aids in his role as Re-use Hawai‘i's all around utility person. An avid body surfer and short boarder, Daniel's love of Hawai‘i's natural environment made the mission and work of Re-use Hawai‘i a perfect fit.


Lucas Rensko, Project Developer

With a B.S. degree in Business, Lucas brings brains and brawn to his role at Re-use Hawai‘i. Working with reclaimed material is something he enjoys off the job as well with woodworking and DIY projects for his house. He searches for unique one-of-a-kind pieces with an interesting back story that he can work into his projects. Originally from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Lucas and his wife have lived in Hawai‘i since June 2014. They enjoy many outdoor activities including golf, road biking, kayaking and hiking with their dog Kuli. While at home he enjoys grilling, home brewing, and watching Pittsburgh sports, to name a few.

Mike Dube, Deconstruction Program Manager

Michael was born and raised in the small New Hampshire seacoast town of Exeter, and has travelled extensively throughout the country while in search of life's meaning. He has worked in the building trades for 35 years, concentrating his interests on working and living the green lifestyle while raising his son Nathan, who is the light of his life and his best friend. He has followed Nathan to the islands and has become devoted to Re-use Hawai‘i and its vision to create a better world.

Carolyn Murren

Carolyn Murren, Fundraising and Communications Director

Originally from Michigan, Carolyn moved to Hawai‘i in 1984. She attended UH Manoa, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Journalism and Political Science. She enjoys gardening, cooking, helping others, and learning about Hawai‘i's historic buildings.


Jeff Savage, Trucker

Jeff has worked at Re-use Hawai‘i in three different roles since moving from New Jersey with his family in 2009. He enjoys exploring new places on the island, hanging out with his family, and contributing to the organization's environmental mission.

James Minatee

James Minatee, Trucker

With experience in demolition and construction work, particularly drywall hanging and finishing, James found a job posting for Re-use Hawai‘i upon his arrival to Oahu last year. Hiking, sight-seeing and, of course, spending time at our island's beautiful beaches are among his favorite things to do in his free time. He also enjoys learning about the many cultures that make up our island home. In fact, as an avid reader with an excellent memory, James is a lifelong learner on a variety of topics, especially the creative re-use of building material.


Eldridge Shay, Salvage Specialist

Eldridge is self-described 'jack of all trades, looking to master one'. He has worked as a skilled laborer and carpenter and in the areas of masonry, flooring, electrical, plumbing and landscaping. He holds a B.S. in Astronomy from UH Hilo and is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UH Manoa. He plans to apply his degree to develop lasting solutions in the area of sustainable design and manufacturing. One thing that peaked his interest in Engineering was being part of the team responsible for resurfacing a 8-meter telescope mirror used atop the summit of Mauna Kea. For fun, he enjoys hiking, stargazing, canoe paddling and projects that involve design and construction such as building a deck, refinishing a his floor, landscaping, and tinkering under the hood of his car.

stephen becker

Stephen Becker, Salvage Specialist

Stephen has worked in the building trade most of his life, but began his love of woodworking when he was 20 and working in a cabinet shop. The majority of his work is in sustainable building, particularly using recycled products and reclaimed wood to build furniture. To this end, he uses only nontoxic glues and finishes. He studied art and design in college, he launched a new line of furniture in at the PDX Lounge in Portland. A self-proclaimed re-use groupie, Stephen looks for salvage stores like Re-use Hawai‘i wherever he goes. While living in Portland, he was a frequent patron of the ReBuilding Center. He loves spending time with his wife, their son and their dogs. His other interests include cooking, cars, beaching, and progressive politics.

Brandon Tsutahara, Deconstruction Team Leader

Born and raised on the east side of Oahu, Brandon has worked in the trades for over ten years, including hydroponics, mechanics, and sustainability. A self-described Gearhead, he's into trucks, 4x4s, race cars, and restoring vintage cars. He also likes to skateboard, bodyboard, and fish.


Chrisjames Raquedan, Deconstruction Crew

Local boy Chrisjames was born and raised on Oahu and grew up on the west side of the island. He is a graduate of Castle High School where he focused on the arts and graphic design. In his junior year, he also started working in construction - everything from carpentry to masonry and roofing. For fun, Chrisjames enjoys the same activities as he has from when he was a kid: surfing, fishing, hunting, and diving. He also is musical, having performed in bands in front of hundreds of people.

Jason Faris

Jason Faris, Deconstruction Crew/Deconstruction Team Leader

Originally from Springfield, Ohio, Jason got his start in the building industry as a metal re-finisher. He also has experience in masonry and contracting work. He studied Social Sciences in college and is currently expanding his digital horizons by learning web design, illustration and photography.

Jae Processing Team Lead

Jaecine Madiro, Processing Team Leader

Born and raised on Oahu, Jaecine "Jae" Madiro has been involved in building maintenance and home repair all of her adult life. She originally found out about Re-use Hawai‘i through her roommate. Not only is she skilled with power tools, but is an avid body boarder! Her true passion lies in growing fresh fruits and vegetables. Jae brings immense skill, care, and drive to all the work that she does.


Matthew Bowers, Deconstruction Crew

Matthew was born and rained in California, but has called Hawai‘i home since January 2009. Matt is a graduate from the E.J. King High School in Sasebo, Japan. He even went to the same high school as Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill! Matt found out about Re-use Hawai‘i while shopping online for building materials. In addition to his love of hiking, surfing, and concert going, Matt is also a knowledgable comic book fan. If you see him in the warehouse make sure you quiz him on all things Marvel.