The crew

The people

Behind the mission


Quinn Vittum, Co-founder & Executive Director

A New Hampshire native, Quinn has been in the building material reuse industry since 2001. He began salvaging materials from demolition sites in Seattle, before founding Sound Builders Resource in 2002, and Olympia Salvage in 2004. Re-use Hawai‘i is his third non-profit reuse start-up, and most likely his last due to Honolulu's perfect weather and the prolific deconstruction opportunity on island.


Daniel Murren, Chief Financial Officer

Daniel has more than 15 years of experience in non-profit and private industry accounting. His fluid intelligence and extreme adaptability aids in his role as Re-use Hawai‘i's all around utility person. An avid body surfer and short boarder, Daniel's love of Hawai‘i's natural environment made the mission and work of Re-use Hawai‘i a perfect fit.


Michaela Nartia, Project Developer

Michaela, has been with Re-use Hawaiʻi since 2016, starting as a Customer Service Crew Member, followed by a Material Inventory Specialist. She quickly demonstrated her leadership abilities, and was promoted to an administrative role, and most recently to her current role of Project Developer. In this role, Michaela evaluates structures for Deconstruction, and works with clients to align their goals with the benefits of using the sustainable option of deconstruction as an alternative to traditional demolition.


Ryan Reynolds, Deconstruction Program Manager

In his role, Ryan oversees both Oahu and Hawaiʻi Island deconstruction crews. He has been instrumental in the set up and oversight of the Hawaiʻi Island Deconstruction Program expansion. For the past 4 years, he has led numerous residential and commercial projects of all sizes, including the 100-structure Kona Village Resort.

Carolyn Murren

Carolyn Murren, Fundraising and Communications Director

Carolyn has 26 years of experience in the marketing and communications, and spearheads the organization's fundraising efforts. She works closely with the executive leadership to develop programs that serve the community. She attended UH Manoa, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Journalism and Political Science. She enjoys gardening, cooking, helping others, and learning about Hawai‘i's historic buildings.


Jaecine Madiro, Redistribution Program Manager

Born and raised on Oahu, Jaecine "Jae" Madiro has been involved in building maintenance and home repair all of her adult life. She originally found out about Re-use Hawai‘i through her roommate. Not only is she skilled with power tools, but is an avid body boarder! Her true passion lies in growing fresh fruits and vegetables. Jae brings immense skill, care, and drive to all the work that she does.


Jeff Savage, Trucker

Jeff has worked at Re-use Hawai‘i in three different roles since moving from New Jersey with his family in 2009. He enjoys exploring new places on the island, hanging out with his family, and contributing to the organization's environmental mission.