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  • What does Re-use Hawai‘i do?
    Re-use Hawai‘i is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that salvages material from structures slated for demolition and redistributes this material to the community at its Kaka'ako retail location.

  • Who does Re-use Hawai‘i serve?
    Re-use Hawai‘i serves the island of Oahu's need for deconstruction services and salvaged material. However, neighbor island residents also purchase material at Re-use Hawai‘i and ship it outer island.

  • How do I save money with Reuse Hawai‘i?
    Re-use Hawai‘i offers affordable building materials to the public. Homeowners or building owners who have their structures deconstructed by Re-use Hawai‘i receive a tax-deductible donation for all the material salvaged from their project. This can be considerable.

  • What's the difference between deconstruction and demolition?
    Deconstruction, usually performed by hand, is the disassembly of a structure to save the material for reuse and recycling. Typical demolition uses an excavator to pulverize material from a structure, load it into a dumpster, and truck it to the landfill.

  • What kind of material does Reuse Hawai‘i accept as a donation?
    Re-use Hawai‘i accepts material that is re-useable as is, with little to no effort needed to re-use it. Click here to view Reuse Hawai‘i's complete list of Accepted Materials

  • How can I donate materials to Re-use Hawai‘i?
    Re-use Hawai‘i accepts material donations anytime during open warehouse hours from 9am - 5pm at our Kakaako location. We recommend that customers send an email with photos of the material they want to donate, to save them a trip (in case we can't accept it.)

  • How often do you get new items at the Re-use Hawai‘i?
    Warehouse inventory changes daily and the only way to ensure that you have a chance at purchasing an item is to stop by often.

  • Where have the homes/buildings that Re-use Hawai‘i deconstructed been located?
    The majority of the homes/buildings that Re-use Hawai‘i has deconstructed have been on the island of Oahu. However, Re-use Hawai‘i has deconstructed homes/buildings on Hawai‘i Island, Kauai, and Maui. In fact, in almost all cases materials salvaged from neighbor island projects are redistributed on the island they were deconstructed. Click here to view deconstruction projects we've completed around the state.

  • May I place a phone order for items at the Re-use Hawai‘i warehouse?
    Re-use Hawai‘i now accepts phone orders. Customers that are interested in making a phone purchase can call our main number 537-2228. All sales are final.

  • Are discounts available at the Re-use Hawai‘i Warehouse?
    May I negotiate a price on an item in the warehouse or barter? Re-use Hawai‘i does not offer discounts, negotiate prices, or barter. Inventory specialists at Re-use Hawai‘i set prices based on market value, supply and demand, space availability, and individual quality of an item. We aim to make prices affordable and also frequently hold sales.

  • May I put items I am interested in purchasing on hold at the Re-use Hawai‘i warehouse?
    It is not possible to hold items at the Re-use Hawai‘i warehouse. Items are made available to all buyers at the same time and are first come, first served.

  • Does Re-use Hawai‘i offer delivery service for items purchased at the warehouse?
    Not at this time.

  • What is Re-use Hawai‘i's return policy?
    All sales are final at Re-use Hawai‘i and we do not offer refunds or exchanges on material.