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Building materials

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at our Kakaako Warehouse

Waste reduction is our core mission, and your donation positively contributes to it. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we offer donors a tax deductible donation receipt.

Donation hours are: Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. We accept a wide range of building materials in good, reusable condition, but cannot take all items.

General criteria:
• All items will be inspected and evaluated for structural and visual condition, age, and customer demand.
• All items must be clean, in excellent physical and working condition whether new or gently used, with NO structural damage and NO repairs needed.
• All items must be intact with NO missing or broken parts, free of corrosion, rust, chips, cracks and scratches.
• All material must be free of termites, pests, water, mold, rot, smoke, odors or damage.

In the event we cannot accept your donation, consider alternative recycling sources to keep useable materials out of our landfill.


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Bring Your Items our Kakaako Warehouse

If you can bring your items to our warehouse, we recommend you email us a photo of your material with a description to donations@reusehawaii.org We will respond to let you know if we can take your items at that time. Note that items are not guaranteed to be accepted until they are seen by our Receiving staff.

If we preliminarily approve your donation via email, you need to bring it within 7 calendar days from the date of the email. We will still need to see your materials in person before we can confirm acceptance. Our address is 200 Keawe Street - in Kakaako - on the Makai end of Keawe Street.

Acceptance Guidelines by Category:


• No more than 3 years old, on a limited basis
• All appliances must be energy efficient. Exceptions may be made for vintage appliances that are in excellent condition
• Refrigerators must not contain any food items and should be clean and free from mold. Seals must be in tact and functional


• Free of pest/water/rot damage
• Dressers, tables (coffee, kitchen, end tables), chairs, book shelves, shelving, desks, stools/ottomans, chests, file cabinets, bed frames (no fabric/upholstery)
• Caned materials must be in good shape, with no holes or tears
We DO NOT ACCEPT office partitions
• Accepted on a limited basis: Commercial furniture, lab tables, library/school furniture


• Must be free from chips, cracks, scratches. Vintage & antique mirrors can show their age
• Unframed mirrors must be under 16 sqft
• We accept tempered glass, NO plate glass


• Lumber must be 5' long or longer, free of nails, rot, pests, termite damage, peeling paint and excessive bowing
• Plywood – quarter, half, and full size sheets
• Trim – (5’) minimum lengths
• Wallboard and drywall - half (4’), full (8’), and XL (12’) sheets (floor space permitting)
• Siding – full length vinyl or aluminum (ONLY full boxes)
Pipe/PVC/Metal/Copper- (5’) minimum lengths of any type of pipe supplies
• Fiberglass insulation - must be new and in bag/wrapping


• All hardware must be in good working order
• Tools (hand, garden, and power tools with all working parts), No extreme rust.
• Useable quantities of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, connectors, etc. NO extreme rust.
• Power tools must have all parts, including battery and charger. No frayed cords.


• Breakers, panels, wire & outlet (boxes, covers, switches)
• Fixtures (NO fluorescents), lamps, no missing parts/hardware
• Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs ONLY
• No incandescent, No halogen, No work lights (unless LED)
In the event we cannot accept your donation, consider alternative recycling sources to keep useable materials out of our landfill.


• Must be free of rot, termites, termite damage, glue, twisting and warping.
• Must be free of nails and staples.
• Laminate or engineered flooring must be new in box. If open stock, must be more than 100 sqft
• We accept NEW vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, cork, and carpet tiles
• Tile must be free of grout and adhesive/thinset. No chips, broken pieces, or cutoffs
• Unused and unopened grout & tile adhesive


• Countertops - granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, butcher block/wood, stainless steel, glass, travertine.
• Must be at least 4 sqft of useable material
• No particle board/plywood with laminate finish countertops, unless new
• Metal sinks and sink clips that are inside countertops must be free of excessive rust
• Accepted on a limited basis: Cultured marble/Corian countertops


• Must have all hinges, working doors and drawers (solid wood construction preferred)
• All doors and drawers must be attached and intact
• No cabinets with water damage


• Roller frames, trays, liners and grids, scrapers, drop cloths, sandpaper and blocks, bristle and wire brushes, caulking gun, masking tape
• NEW UNOPENED 5-gallon, 1-gallon, quart, and ½ pint sizes
• Tinted paints and stains ONLY
• NEW Rollers and paint brushes ONLY


• Pipe supplies and fittings, complete faucet fixture sets
• Sinks must be free of chips, cracks and excessive rust (drop-in, top and under-mount, prep)
• Some allowance for vintage sinks to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis
• Accepted on a limited basis: Cultured marble sinks, including sink/countertop combo, commercial wall mounted sinks (must include brackets)
• Bathtubs: fiberglass, steel, claw foot, free-standing
• Accepted on a limited basis: steel/cast iron tubs
• NEW or like-new toilets, tank and bowl must be assembled, Low-flow (1.6 gpf or less)
• NO commercial toilets or urinals unless NEW. Subject to current inventory.
• Pedestal sinks must include both sink bowl and pedestal (2 parts)


• Must be free of rot, rust, termites, termite damage, bowing, twisting, and structural damage.
• All windows and doors with operational tracking and framing
• Thermopane steals must be intact - i.e., no fogging
• French doors, solid core and hollow construction, pre-hung or door slabs, interior or exterior, bi-fold closet, sliding glass/mirrors (w/tracking and framing), various sizes of windows and screens


• Roofing - NEW asphalt or metal shingle, panel, or rolls (ONLY full bundles)
• Corrugated & metal sheeting must be more than 16 sqft of usable material
• Tar paper - must be UNUSED
• Roofing membrane - must be UNUSED
• Standing seam
• Accepted on a limited basis: Monier field tiles and ridge caps (concrete or clay)


• Masonry must be free of mortar and must be completely intact.
• Exception for clay brick which can have minimal mortar
• Tile must be new, or free of grout and adhesive/thinset. No chips, broken pieces, or cutoffs
• Stone must be at least 1 sqft in size

Note: The Receiving staff is not always available to help unload large quantities of masonry. To ensure acceptance and to speed up the drop-off, please deliver these types of materials on a pallet for easy fork-lift off-load. Or, bring extra help with you to ensure a fast turn-around.


• Heavily used toilets
• HIgh-flow toilets. Low flow = 1.6 gpf (gallons per flush) or less
• Broken or unframed glass
• Broken or unframed mirrors
• Office partitions
• Paint thinners, hazardous or toxic chemicals*
• Used/open paints and stains or other liquids
• Appliances needing repair
• Appliances older than three (3) years
• Industrial or automotive chemicals
• Incomplete hardware sets
• Tube, or compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL)
• Incandescent light bulbs
• Used smoke detector
• Any children’s item
• Pet or pet-related items
• Expired fire extinguishers

*Refer ot opala.org for disposal resources