We take down structures by hand

Salvaging materials

For reuse

Deconstruction is the disassembly of a structure to save material for reuse and recycling. Salvaging material for reuse saves resources and energy, creates jobs, and turns waste into a resource. Our skilled crews can salvage up to 80% of a structure for reuse and recycling.

We now offer Deconstruction Services to Hawaiʻi Island. Let us know if you have a project you'd like our help with.


We have performed hundreds of deconstruction projects on Oahu, including residential and commercial projects.

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Save Money

with deconstruction

Contractors & Architects: Offer your clients the option of deconstruction and save money on disposal costs.

Home Owners: Material salvaged from your home is a tax-deductible donation. The IRS will help pay for your project through tax benefits. Check out our sample donation chart to see the value earned by past deconstruction projects. SampleTaxDonationN

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Help Preserve

Hawaii's landscape

Salvaging material for reuse minimizes the need to grow, harvest, produce, and transport new material. Deconstruction reduces the volume of waste needing landfill.

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